Flood management strategies

4. Flood management strategies

WP4 will assess and enhance existing flood risk management strategies related to planning and prevention for the minimisation of flood risk, management during flood events including early warning systems, emergency protocols and crisis management and measures to be taken after a flood event, including evaluation of damages, recovery measures and the procedures that allow learning from experience.

This approach guarantees comprehensive coverage of the whole flood management cycle.

WP4 will develop new strategic flood risk assessment strategies by building on the outputs from the first three work packages.

The ultimate objective will be to formulate good practices and good standards that can be implemented nationally in partner countries. As a result, WP4 will contribute to the crucial element of the call, which is to develop efficient medium-to-long-term strategies and provide adequate measures for improved flood management at relevant levels.

A general strategic scheme for urban planning will be developed and tested, such that flood resilience is defined and implemented according to the situation of any city.

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