Urban Water Cycle Model WP2 graphic

Urban flood modelling

2. Urban flood modelling

WP2 will assess and enhance methodologies and tools for off-line and real-time flood hazard assessment based on urban flood modelling. Missing elements in existing models for system analysis will be developed in order to identify consistent procedures for calibration of urban flood models at different scales, having in mind the envisaged technological advances – wider availability of weather radars and on-line rain gauges, increase in computer speed and possibilities for coupling of runoff-sewer-river hydrologic and hydraulic models. The ultimate objective is to develop generic tools for urban flood mitigation plans and test real time urban flood forecast systems, including real time data assimilation and including uncertainty estimates. WP2 will enable evaluation of future impacts of urban growth and climate change on flood probability through scenario studies. That way the call demand that strategies for urban flood management are developed analysing the dynamics of urban flood risks will be fulfilled and the boundaries in knowledge and practice in urban flood modelling will be taken forward.


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