Nice case study field trip April 2011


1. Drivers

WP1 will look at drivers that impact on urban flooding. The objective will be to determine the interactions between economic and urban growth, societal trends and the urban structure, which will serve as the basis for the development of a DPSIR (drivers-pressures-state-impact-response) logical framework.

The analysis will be completed in conjunction with IPCC-based projections of climate change, economic, health and social development, aiming at identifying the future policy areas where the responses to the drivers and pressures can be most effective.

This will be achieved through developing a fundamental understanding of how human capacity and action can shape the future dealing with urban flooding by identifying the future mechanisms through which feedback to drivers/pressures can be achieved and delivered to stakeholders. Consequently, WP1 will consider all different drivers outlined in the call – economic, social, land use/planning, soil sealing limitation strategies and mitigating practices and climate trends.

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