Work packages‌ 

CORFU is comprised of seven different work packages, each of which deals with a different aspect of the project's research and administration.

Specific objectives, tasks, deliverables and milestones of each work package are prescribed in the project documentation.  These were formulated in several stages:

  • Identification of critical problems, emerging technologies and gaps in contemporary knowledge
  • Definition of objectives and tasks that can be achieved in a project of this size
  • Selection of case studies in Europe and Asia
  • Forming a team with staff from the right specialist disciplines, and experts from case study areas
  • Setting the timeframe of deliverables and milestones in a way which will enable verification of progress

0. Synergies and Governance

WP0 will aim to establish and maintain links with recently completed and ongoing major national and EU research projects related to urban flooding, with the view of enabling smooth acceptance and further enhancement of methodologies developed in these projects.

1. Drivers

WP1 will examine the drivers -- climate change, economic, and social --  that have an impact on urban flooding

2. Urban flood modelling

WP2 will assess and enhance methodologies and tools for off-line and real-time flood hazard assessment based on urban flood modelling.

3. Impact assessment

WP3 will improve, extend and integrate modern methods for flood impact assessment.

4. Flood management strategies

WP4 will assess and enhance existing flood risk management strategies related to planning and prevention for the minimisation of flood risk and management during flood events.

5. Dissemination

WP5 will disseminate new approaches and support exploitation of opportunities at local, national and international levels. The aim will be to engender a ‘flood resilience’ culture through awareness rising from proposed strategies and comprehensive adoption of CORFU tools.

September 5-7, 2013, the CORFU project will sponsor the International Conference on Flood Resilience:  Experiences in Asia and Europe to be held at the Peter Chalk Centre, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter, United Kingdom.  The aim of this event is to gather professionals to present and discuss the latest research advances and practices in the development and implementation of resilience measures and flood management plans.

6. Coordination and management

WP6 will co-ordinate the project within a robust organisational framework that supports collaboration, oversees science and society issues, promotes gender equality, ensures the financial viability of the entire project and ensures good internal and external communication. CORFU project management will therefore be fully compliant with FP7 guidelines and principles.