Urban Flooding

Devising strategies to improve flood response and resilience

The project

Collaborative Research on Flood Resilience in Urban areas (CORFU) is a major project involving 15 European and Asian institutions, funded by a grant from the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme. Professor Slobodan Djordjevic of the University of Exeter is Project Coordinator.

The overall aim of CORFU is to enable European and Asian partners to learn from each other through joint investigation, development, implementation and dissemination of short to medium term strategies that will enable more scientifically sound management of the consequences of urban flooding in the future.

Flood impacts in urban areas – potential deaths, damage to infrastructure and health problems in the first place and consequent effects on individuals and on communities – and possible responses will be assessed by envisaging different scenarios of relevant drivers: urban development, socio-economic trends and climate changes. The cost-effectiveness of resilience measures and integrative and adaptable flood management plans for these scenarios will be quantified.

The CORFU project will look at advanced and novel strategies and provide adequate measures for improved flood management in cities. The differences in urban flooding problems in Asia and in Europe range from levels of economic development, infrastructure age, social systems and decision making processes, to prevailing drainage methods, seasonality of rainfall patterns and climate change trends.

Our vision is for CORFU to use these differences to create synergies that will bring new quality to flood management strategies globally. Through a 4-year collaborative research programme, the latest technological advances will be cross-fertilized with traditional and emerging approaches to living with floods.

Collaborative partners

The CORFU project brings together researchers from a number of partner organisations across the globe.

Project details

Title Collaborative Research on Flood Resilience in Urban Areas
Instrument Medium-scale collaborative FP7 project/Environment
Total cost 5,274,998 Euros
European Commission contribution 3,490,000 Euros
Duration 48 months
Start date 01 April 2010
Consortium 17 partners in 10 countries
Project Coordinator University of Exeter
Project web site
Sept 2013 dissemination conference International Conference on Flood Resilience:  Experiences in Asia and Europe
Key words Flooding, resilience, planning strategies, impacts, modelling, hydrology, hydraulics

Death of Professor Erik Pasche

With immense sadness the CORFU project team was informed of the unexpected death of Professor Erik Pasche on 30th November 2010.

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