CORFU Project success

All the CORFU reports and deliverables have been reviewed and accepted by the European Commission.  This means that the Project is now formally approved as successfully completed.  The European Commission Project Officer Eleni Manoli commented " The effort is very well reflected in the CORFU Final Project Report, which in my view summarises very well the effort and outcomes of the project."

We would like to thank all our project partners for their valuable contribution to the project.

Many of the CORFU members are now participants on the FP7 PEARL project continuing research into flood resilience.

CORFU project completed

We are delighted to announce that the CORFU project is now completed with all milestones met and deliverables submitted to the European Commission for review. 

The CORFU final project report, deliverables and science policy briefs are all available to download on the results page.

Barcelona workshop May 14

CORFU dissemination workshops

The CORFU workshops which disseminated the project's findings and best practice were very well attended by both local stakeholders, project partners and the public.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in their organisation.  They consisted of roundtables, tutorials and model application sessions.  Presentations from the workshops are available below or for more information please email the contact person in each location by clicking on their name.

Click here for the Twitter feed on the CORFU workshops





Barcelona 19 May 2014 Marc Velasco

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Beijing 22- 24 May 2014 Yuwen Zhou


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Taipei 26 - 28 May 2014 Ming Hsi Hsu




Mumbai 30 May 2014 Kapil Gupta



Dhaka 2-3 June 2014 David Khan


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Nice  10 June 2014 Jelena Batica




Hamburg 25 June 2014 Natasa Manojlovic






houses of parliament presentation

CORFU engineers present research to Parliament

Dr Michael Hammond and Dr Albert Chen from Exeter’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, presented their innovative work on the FP7 project CORFU to politicians and a panel of judges at a special ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in March.  The prestigious national science event was part of SET for Britain, an annual competition that promotes the work of Britain’s top early-stage research scientists and technologists.  

Dr Hammond said he was “honoured and delighted” to have been selected to present his work at Parliament, “this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our research".  Dr Hammond and Dr Chen invited Ben Bradshaw, Exeter’s MP, to come along to the event giving them the opportunity to explain their research and the vital role it could play Exeter's MP in person.

Dr Hammond said he applied to the event after seeing an advert late last year. He and Dr Chen applied by sending in an abstract description of their potential poster, and also a letter of support from Professor Slobodan Djordjević MH SET for Britain Poster 17-3-14


Flooding Conference: Britain under water

Professor Slobodan Djordjević will be speaking on the "International Perspective" at the BRE conference on 20 March 2014 in Watford.  For further details and registration please click here.



CORFU dissemination conference

International conference on flood resilience in Europe and Asia - Success

The International Conference on Flood Resilience (ICFR) was held on the 5-7 September at the University of Exeter.  It was attended by over 200 delegates from more than 40 countries.  There were 88 oral presentations and 43 poster presentations covering a wide range of topics related to flood resilience.  We hope all those who attended the conference benefitted from it both professionally and personally.  We would also like to thank everyone involved for their participation in the conference and for making it an informative and enjoyable experience. 

The ICFR presentations are available by clicking on this link: ICFR presentations.  

The ICFR proceedings book with extended summaries and the CD with full papers can be ordered here.

For other information on the conference please visit the International Conference on Flood Resilience 2013 website. 

CORFU conference to be held at the University of Exeter

International Conference on Flood Resilience  -  Experiences in Asia and Europe, 5-7 September 2013

Flooding puts huge pressure on national economies, cities, communities and individuals alike. The short-term impacts may include hundreds of casualties, many displaced people, very serious health problems and enormous damage to property and infrastructure. Affected areas may need years to recover.

The aim of this event is to gather professionals to present and discuss the latest research advances and practices in the development and implementation of resilience measures and flood management plans.

The focus on cities in Asia and Europe is motivated by the approach applied within the EU-funded FP7 project CORFU that investigates differences in flooding problems and solutions in a number of case studies in these two continents. The wider objective is to enable broadening of horizons and better joining of people, ideas and methodologies.

For more information please visit the International Conference on Flood Resilience 2013 website. For specific inquiries regarding this conference, please email:  ICFR Conference 2013


Questionnaire for stakeholders

Barcelona -- Beijing -- Dhaka -- Hamburg -- Mumbai -- Nice -- Seoul/Songdo -- Taipei

The questionnaire for CORFU stakeholders was available in seven languages.  This phase of the project's information gathering is now complete.

Stakeholders were drawn from any of these groups within the case study cities:

•    City residents
•    Business people
•    Elected representatives
•    University educators or researchers
•    Flood risk management professionals
•    Government officials
•    Emergency services workers
•    Health professionals
•    NGO workers